Binni & Flynn's Final Bash
February 28, 2001

Dearest Citizens, It is with a heavy heart that I bring the news, well truly more of a reminder than anything else, but today is the day.... The day for what you might ask... well if you need to ask that at this point you silly b*st*rd, you need to have the bejesus slapped out of you!! Get off the crack, your style is whack... A lyrical mastermind I am not, but I can shake my ass with the best of them!! Sorry, I'll get back on track here. The World Famous Binni & Flynn's. What's to say. 20 Years. Many a fond memory... ahhh. Well gang, time for one last hoorah! The Final Bash!! One Last Dance and one last time to gather and joke on some of those fond memories!! Like the guy who wanted to go head to head on beers and shots with my uncle Tony, who was visiting from Ireland... Well, for who missed that one, his friends had to carry him out of the bar, while my uncle ordered another tall Lager and Jameson and Bailey's.... Or when Lou Tilly was in that one time and got all sauced up with that blonde... that was a trip!! So without further yapping from this twit. COME OUT TODAY AND TONIGHT TO THE BASH OF A LIFETIME AT BINNI & FLYNN'S!! Drink Specials, prizes, giveaways, 5 bands, and me!!!!! Hope to see you all there... in your underwear!! WOOO HOOOO!!! Too the BAR!!!! TA BINNI'S!!!!!!!!!! and in the immortal words of Steve Martin in Parenthood... " Yippy ki yaaay, ye ah hoooo!!!" See you there tonight guys.

The Immortal Words of Conal Anthony Murray.  February 28th 2001